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Build The Damn Thing With Kathryn Finney

There's a movement building to make better bets and smarter investments into early-stage entrepreneurs. Meet one of the venture capitalists leading the movement to invest in the new majority. Join us for an inspiring fireside hosted by Jarrod Barnes, a former NFL athlete turned investor.

Athletes Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship

From venture capital to e-commerce, professional athletes across the country are creating uplifting, relevant, and representative change in the entrepreneurial ecosystems. Moderated by Dionne Gumbs and featuring professional athletes that are changing the face of entrepreneurship.

Titan Talks

Lunar Startups is headquartered in the Bold North, the home of leading industry Titans who brought forward the pacemaker, the supercomputer, and scalable agriculture. Our next generation of Titans is bringing fresh energy and experience to the game. This crew is drawing on unique perspectives and throwing out the rulebook to redefine innovation. The Titan Talk event features a group of emerging leaders who will share their expertise, hot-takes, and big ambition for the new majority.

Money Menu: How To Fund Your Startup

There's a lot of talk about venture capital in the media, but what are all the tools that founders can use to fund their startups? This workshop gives a high-level overview of the various capital strategies you can deploy to grow and scale your company and what decisions you need to make to pursue big ambition.

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Meet Our Partners

Lunar Startups is powered by a dedicated group of partners who are building a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem with underinvested founders at the center. Meet the sponsors participating in the Lunar Summit Series. 

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Lunar is curating an exclusive group of companies to co-create a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. If your company is dedicated to building an unshakeable system of support for BIPOC, women, LGBTQ, and non-binary entrepreneurs, join us. 

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